“Non Andare” (DON’T GO)

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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Hello everyone! My name is Riza, but other people used to call me “Paige”. Either way it’s fine with me. Alright, I am writing this as a first time blogger. *wink* hahaha..

Perche? (Also known in Italy as “because”)..

okay.. Why I am here, anyway?

Well, *perche*, I really want to write ever since I was in my mum’s tummy. (ahm, overstated). To be honest, when I was young I used to make different stories and wishing it will be published in the future (HAHA! lmao).. Then I grew up to be so busy with school and I forgot that dream I had (to be a writer), I focused on passing my College degree, getting a license as a nurse and become a competent RN..

I’d decided to go to Australia, thereafter. I stayed in Melbourne for almost 2 years. I learned the life in the ‘land down under’.. (and I became so busy with my life here, again). 

…But, the calling was so strong and apparent. I have this passion of writing something on my phone, sharing what I’ve been through on a certain day (either it was good or bad). I have this urge of writing a story, creating a superheros in a novel, lessening the tyranny of a person in my stories just because I don’t want to have that diabolical or cynical characters (maybe not too much of those)..

I have come to a realization that instead of writing on my phone, I would just create my first blog. 🙂 

NOT TO BECOME A WRITER of a fictional novels but this time, to share my ideas and opinions to you guys. It might be in travels, in love, in food, in meditation or whatsoever. Through this I believe I could vent out my feelings on a positive side (just because I am not fond of giving bad  vibes) and ofcourse, live my dream as a writer to BLOGGER and at the same I wish you will learn something from me as well.

I hope I could inspire those young women to live their lives to the fullest, to be positive as always, to chase their dreams, to see the good things in everything, to love more, to hate less, to be optimistic, to be brave, to be the BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES.


and of course….


TO BE FOREVER YOUNG! *young at heart* ❤ 🙂

grazie mille for supporting. I hope you will subsribe/follow this blog. xoxo 😀

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